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Local news reports the following stories in one day in Central Florida

Murder-Suicide: Christopher Durinick, 36, shot and killed his wife Margaret, 37,  and then killed himself.

Employee Murders Boss: Rocky T. Christian, 27, fatally shot his boss Nasser Alkattan, 39, after an argument.

8 year old arrested for Aggravated-Assault:  an 8 year old boy hit, kicked, and bit his teachers, threw a metal pipe and missed, broke a window, tore out computer wiring and ran away from his school.

Mother arrested for Domestic Violence: Maureen Bawa was arrested for domestic violence after she bit her daughter on her arm and then poured rubbing alcohol on her after her daughter hit her during a fight.

8 year old charged with Arson: When he was asked why he started the fire, he responded, “I was mad”.

Anger has no boundaries or biases across age, race, social status or religion.  Every person experiences anger, but the inability to manage our individual anger is resulting in innocent deaths in our society.  A study conducted by Anger Class Online listed Orlando as the 5th Angriest city in the United States.

It is normal to be angry, but it’s not normal to allow your anger to get out of control.

Here are 3 tips for Managing Anger:

1. Recognize Anger: Ask yourself… how often do you get angry, how long do you stay angry, what are you saying and doing when you are expressing your anger?  Is anger affecting your work performance or your relationships with family and friends?  What do you think is making you angry?

2. Practice Good Self Care: Fatigue, pain, hangovers, sugar, hormonal changes, financial stress, substance and alcohol abuse, sudden life changes, and illness are just a few of the many factors that affect our inability to manage our anger.  It is important to get a good amount of rest, eat a well balanced diet, exercise on a regular basis, practice relaxation techniques, talk with someone you trust about your feelings, and moderate your alcohol use.

3. Seek Counseling: If you recognize your inability to control your anger or someone close to you is telling you to get help, seek counseling.  Learning tools to manage your stress and anger will improve the quality of your life and the life of those around you.  Don’t wait until your angry causes you to do something you will regret!

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Article Written by Crystal Hollenbeck

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